Ian Gibson

Partner, Instructional Technology and Development 

Dr. Gibson has been recognized as a forward thinker and designer of integrative technology initiatives. He holds a Bachelor of Science Honors Degree in Electronic Engineering, and acquired Chartered Professional status as a Senior Associate Engineer with IBM UK Laboratories Ltd.  Dr. Gibson later pursued graduate research in Mass Communications, specializing in Internet information-seeking and holds Masters and Doctoral degrees in this field.  He conducted research into digital libraries and was co-inventor of a US Patented information delivery system.  Ian made special studies of Digital Asset Management and Learning Management System practice. As an educator Dr. Gibson has created and taught Undergraduate and Graduate courses in Digital Media and Education.  



Candace Whitehead

Partner, Instructional Design

Ms. Whitehead holds a BA in Education and an MA in Instructional Systems / Technology. Her career arc has taken her from classroom teacher and private school owner to the graduate seminar and on to adult education and training. As a Senior Instructional Designer, Ms. Whitehead's experience includes K-20, corporate training, and government projects,  She has lead teams in the design and development of performance based online learning solutions, professional development courses, and training materials. Ms. Whitehead maintains a Professional Teaching Certificate and was certified by the National Board of Professional Teaching Standards.  In addition to teaching in U.S. public education systems she was a Visiting International Faculty teacher and cultural ambassador to the United Kingdom. 



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